Svin wine aerator

Svin Deluxe tower set


















Svin Wine aerators work with both reds and white wines. Enhancing the wines bouquet, better balance,   smoother taste and finish. 


Svin Wine aerator comes with

· Aerator

· Gift Boxed

· Rubber base and stand

· Travel pouch

· Care instructions

· $26.99 each


Svin Deluxe Tower sets are stylish and come beautifully gift boxed. A Great gift idea for anyone who loves their wine.



Svin Deluxe tower set comes with

· Aerator

· Gift Boxed

· Base plate & tower stand

· Rubber base

· Travel pouch & care instructions

· $44.99 each

Wine aerator & pourer

Wine vacuum pump bottle stop

















The versatile wine pourer / aerator aerates wine with its dual air intake system and air-blending strainer. Great for use in restaurants, outdoors or a corporate gift.


· $8.00 single

· $12.99 for 2 units


Can’t quite finish off that bottle of wine and want to use the rest later? Our wine vacuum pump wine stopper will preserve your wine while  keeping it fresher for longer.


· $8.00 single

· $12.99 for 2 units

Wine pump & pourer multi pack

Svin wine aerator multi packs



















Wine Pump & wine aerator multi packs. Get one of each, a wine vacuum pump and wine pourer/aerator.


· $12.99 per twin pack



Svin wine aerator multi packs come in 3,6, or 12 units.

Larger orders available upon request.


· 3 packs   $ 59.99

· 6 packs   $ 98.99

· 12 Packs $179.99

Whisky Rocks 9 piece set

Champagne stoppers























Whiskey Stones; chill spirits without  diluting flavour. Each gift boxed set contains 9 pieces and a velvet storage pouch.


· $21.99 per set of 9 pieces


Stainless steel champagne stopper.

A fit for any champagne bottle.




· $12.99 for 2 units

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